2017 Home Trends

We are only 2.5 months into 2017 and we are starting to see some returning and new trends making it's way into the home remodeling realm. 2017 is to be known as the year of subtle but bold sophistication. Here are few of our favorites.

1) Plants: Floor plants, hanging plants, small succulent gardens, plant walls, you name it, greenery is undeniably back with a vengeance in the best way possible. The organic and fresh feel that plants bring to our living space is indescribable, therefor it's obviously no surprise that that this trend will continue in 2017. With not only it's airy and natural aesthetics, it also provides various health benefits. Making your home beautiful and healthy is the ultimate goal in our book!

2) Holistic & Bold Colors - Each year comes with a new color pallet. In 2017 the idea is mute, earthy and bold. Colors that show strength, yet serenity & promotes healing effects in the mind, body and soul. The perfect equivalent of mother nature. Your house will feel like a sanctuary of healing and new age vibes. Colors like black is very unconventional when it comes to homes, but by using it wisely it can bring the right amount of strength to a room. For example doing black cabinetry or a black statement wall in a room, is just enough to give the room a little power. Mixed with the other holistic more serene colors like Sherwin Williams: Crisp powdered light blue - Icelandic (SW-6526) - A mustardy-pale gold - Alchemy (SW - 6395) and a Misty toned down white -Spatial White (SW-6259) - your space will feel like the perfect place to retire to at the end of a long day or just spend a nice weekend lounging around in with a good book.

3) Minimalist Furniture & Decor - This one has been trending since early 2016, but it has maintained a steady stream through 2016 and now into 2017. Minimalism is the new way of living. It promotes peace, organization and overall simplicity. Cabinetry is one aspect that has been taking notes from the minimalist way of life. You find people looking for simpler, less ornamented cabinetry, with sleeker handles and knobs. As well as couches, nightstands, beds and other home furnishing, minimalism is taking over. Allowing your home room to breath is also important. Concentrating on elements of a home that you need and can't live without, is way more important than filling it with things that you don't need and just makes your space look crowded and chaotic.

4) Wood - Well you say, wood is always in trend when it comes to homes. Yes, you are right about that! It's a staple and it has proven time and time again it's here to stay. But like everything else, wood comes in many forms. 2016 was very big on rustic wood and believe me it's still going to be big with many in 2017. The one new player that is entering the game though is glamorous wood. Sleeker and richer, filled with a sophisticated air. This will be seen not only in usual cabinetry, bookshelves, but also in flooring. Keep your eyes opened for the revamp of wood from it's raw-edge character to it's more soft and feminine side.

5) Metallic Tiles - Tying in with the sophisticated wood trend for 2017, comes in the tiles with a dose of glam as well. These tiles won't be that gaudy, overdone metallic, but a more toned down metallic that will add just the right amount of gleam to your space. Matched with more rustic and toned down stones, this will be the perfect balance for any space you are trying to liven up without using bright colors.

6) Weathered Copper - To finish off, we have the beautiful material copper. You want to use this one sparingly throughout the home. More like key accent pieces. Handles, doors knobs, kitchen or bathroom sinks. A little bit goes a long way with cooper and it's one of those material that if used right can make a simple yet elegant statement.

Well this wraps-up some of our favorite 2017 home trends! Hope you guys enjoyed and feel inspired by some of these ideas.

Thanks for reading and see you again on our next post!

The JDG Team

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