Trends: Repurposed Wood

DIY & up-cycling has gained massive popularity within the home remodeling realm. There are a vast amount of different materials that can be used for home make-overs and projects, one of the coolest on our list has to be repurposed wood. With so many types and colors to choose from, you have a world of options to play with. This material can be dressed-up or down, It all depends on the look and style you are trying to achieve. If you want something more modern and elegant opt for a darker stain and a more polished finish. If rustic-romantic is more your cup of tea, try sanding and buffing the wood first, then using cream pastels to finish it off. For those who can't be bothered with all the details and artsy-fartsy stuff, there's always the super rustic farm-barn look that many people are going for these days and that is the style that needs the least amount of work, the goal here is maintaining the original aesthetic of the wood. Whichever one you chose it is bound to make your space look beautiful and unique. Here are some fun projects you can use repurposed wood for ...

- Kitchen/Bathroom Sinks - Dressers - Wall Art - Coat Racks - Wine Glass/Wine Bottle Racks - Head Boards - Accent Walls - Full Walls - Stools - Tables - Holiday Decor - Flooring - Kitchen Prep Stations/ Islands - Stair Railings - Sliding Barn Doors - Baby/Doggy Gates - Ceilings - Garden Planters - Benches - Mirrors & so much more!

Be sure to check out our [ Pinterest ] for ideas and inspirations on how to rock your next repurposed wood project!

Till next time! - The JDG Team -

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