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So you're thinking about updating your home....but you don't know where to start, right? You're on a tight budget & you want to spend your money wisely? Well the 3 main focal points you should concentrate on is one -curb appeal, because like it or not first impressions are the most important ones, second - kitchen and last - bathrooms. These are the 3 main places you want to spend your money on if you're either planning on revamping your home or putting it up for sale. The other rooms are a lot easier to fix up and update, but these 3 elements are what makes all the difference in aesthetics and price. So you say... my budget does not stretch far enough to cover all 3 in it's entirety, so what do I do? We will break it down for you....

#1 Curb Appeal: "The attractiveness of a property and it's surroundings when viewed from the street." In our opinion the most important thing to make the exterior of your home standout and look it's best is a nice paint job. Everything looks better all polished-up and paint will do just that. Of course you need to make sure you pick a company that can bring out the beauty of your home by using all the correct techniques, only use quality paint that will survive the test of time & pick an appealing color that will further enhance the architecture of your home.

#2 Kitchen: If we had to pick only one thing....a kitchen Island or some type of prep-station is such a valuable addition to any kitchen if you don't already have one or if you're looking to expand it. An island can serve so many purposes and automatically makes a kitchen more practical and allows for more storage space. Also, it allows who ever is prepping the food to still be able to socialize with the rest of the family instead of facing their cabinets the whole time they are cooking. Last, it can also make room for a few stools and can serve as a breakfast bar for quick meals or a serving station for parties! Something that has a multipurpose is always worth the investment! The best part is you can make them to fit the size of your kitchen, they don't all have to be huge. Overall, kitchen islands/prep-stations are becoming a top must have on peoples lists when buying a home & you can obviously see why.

#3 Bathrooms: Huge spa showers are all the rave. They are being requested more and more, especially in modern homes. The clean lines and structure of a spa shower blends perfectly with this type of home style, but it can also be made to blend with any style of home by changing the design and materials used. With everyone these days being busier than ever, tubs have really become a thing of the past and something of a decor rather than an everyday useful element of a bathroom. We are not saying to completely give up your dream tub, if you have the space why not have both? And of course there's always those bath lovers and kids that would never give up their bath time for anything in the world, but spa showers are definitely becoming the favorite for most. It's practical, spacious, convenient & tech savvy with lot's of cool potential to play with. You can make it as simple and as out of this world as your heart desires. From different types of water fixtures, to fancy gadgets, flats screens and the whole marble trend these big spacious sauna-like showers are a must have in your home and a major value bumper.

Hope these tips helped and come back often for more fun and informative posts from us!


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