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Deck Restoration Tips

Updated: Apr 7

Considering restoring your existing deck? But you're not sure if you should completely knock it down and rebuild the entire structure. There are a couple of aspects you should take into consideration when it comes to deciding the proper way to attack your deck project. These aspects will help you to budget smart for your next deck remodel or rebuild.

Aspect 1: How old is the deck and Is the existing deck structurally sound?

> Check for signs of wood decay caused by weathering, wood destroying insects and dry rot.

> Check for warping of wood components such as the deck beams, ledger boards and girders.

> Check for cracks and splits throughout the wood structure.

> Check for proper methods of fasteners.

> Check to make sure support post are not rotted or damaged.

If all these check out and the deck is deemed structurally sound a simple deck remodel ( Re-surfacing) Is a great cost effective way to achieve that new deck you and your family have been dreaming of.

If the deck is deemed not structurally sound, it is highly recommended to have the deck rebuilt by a qualified contractor. JDG can help come up with the best solution and plan for your next deck project.

Aspect 2: What type of long term maintenance commitment do you want?

When it come to decks there are several types of materials one can choose from depending on budget and durability.

Wood Decks:

> Wood is the most common and most budget friendly material to choose when it comes to decks, depending on the grade of wood one opts to go with. On the other hand with lower costs comes more long-term investments to maintain the integrity of the material, such as having the wood surface stained and sealed periodically to prevent the wood from decaying over the years from exposure to harsh natural elements.

Composite Decks:

> Composite decking is a engineered product that resembles wood but is made of recycled materials that resist warping staining and require minimal maintenance. One might ask why would composite be right for me? Well if you're like most people you like to enjoy your investments, rather than constantly having to maintain them. That is when composite decking is worth the extra up-front higher investment. Like they always say, you get what you pay for and when it comes to restoring old rotting decks 80% of time clients opt to upgrade to the slightly more expensive options to guarantee many years of enjoyment post installation.

I Hope this article helped answer a few questions you might have had when it comes to a deck restoration or rebuild. Remember the best thing you can do to avoid home improvement project frustrations is to get informed, plan ahead & partner up with a great quality contractor that will insure your project will meet all of yours and the industries standards!

Happy building from all of us at EPC!!!

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